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Crazy Portal (beta)

Crazy Portal (beta)

By: 北京兵驰网络科技有限公司

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Face the enemies blocked by various terrains and props in the game, use the teleport gun to create a portal, teleport the winning props that defeat the enemy to the enemy, defeat all enemies, and become a master who keeps everything under control!

[Game Features]

▲ All controls are at your fingertips

Control the shooting direction of your bullets, the shooting of 2 guns connects the portal, and the transportation trajectory of all items is under control.

▲ Unstoppable gaming experience

Faced with unique enemies and terrain, are you ready to face all the problems, use your bullets to smash all the difficulties, enjoy the fun of breaking through yourself and saving the world

▲ Excellent physical understanding puzzle game

Perfectly borrow the physical effects of the props to create a chain reaction of shooting down, hitting, and detonating, and do everything possible to defeat the target enemy!

▲ Multi-stage level challenge

300 levels of joy and excitement, extremely challenging prop settings, find the confidence and refreshment of continuous pass in the game


1. The portal can only hit the wall

2. The blue portal can inhale any item [inhale]

3. The yellow portal can spit out any item

4. Portals can not only transmit objects~

When the brave boy gets a wonderful teleportation gun, he is about to embark on the adventure of chasing bad guys.

Crazy Portal (beta)
Hossam Galal

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