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Eternal Century

Eternal Century

By: 竞游网络

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"Eternal Century" is an ultra-casual strategic mobile game with world-class animation film quality and unique gameplay, bringing you a brand new combat experience! Here, you will establish your own territory, continue to attack and expand your territory, and finally compete with players from all over the world!

Game features:

1. The fingertips of match 3 resources burst out

Refuse to use the brainlessly to save resources, the resources are the best when they are "exploded"!

2. Fair play for glory

Play fair at the same level, fight for the individual, the alliance, and the glory of the world!

3. Assemble territory expansion with one click

You can call your friends and friends on the world map, continue to expand your territory, and finally dominate the world!

4. Hundreds of heroes strategy first

Hundreds of heroes are available to choose from, and you refuse to fight for the brainlessly. The combination of multiple arms and heroes makes the battle situation change rapidly.

Eternal Century
Hossam Galal

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