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Endless Deep Space

Endless Deep Space

By: 永歌森林

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"Endless Deep Space" is a space adventure game. Humans in the future have mastered hyperspace jumping technology and need to build a large number of portals in the universe to expand their living space. Players play the role of space pioneers and fly spacecraft. To the unknown depths of space, collect resources with other players to build hyperspace portals for humans. The farther the players fly, the more resources they collect, the greater the contribution to humans.

Game features

★Alien adventure, landing the spaceship on a civilized planet, there may be a wonderful story like Avatar

★Recruit crew members, recruit a variety of crew members, each crew member has different talents and skills, the road of exploration is no longer alone

★Exotic treasures, collect minerals, collect pets, discover lost civilization relics, all the treasures you see can be collected

★Auction transaction, in addition to task resources, you can also trade the treasures found with other players around the world to get rich returns

★Build a base, build human portals by acquiring resources, and explore together with other players around the world

★Personalized spaceship, add parts and advanced equipment to the spaceship, you can also add personalized signs and spray paint

★Offline and hang up, when you are dormant, your crew and spaceship are constantly moving forward and exploring

★More functions, the unknown deep space is waiting for you to discover

Endless Deep Space
Hossam Galal

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