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Eliminate monsters

Eliminate monsters

By: 天合游戏工作室

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This is a multiplayer real-time online elimination game. Not only can you organize groups to abuse monsters, but you can also play black PK.

In 2018, let's have a different battle.

[Game Features]

-Attack by making the character make moves by eliminating

-Quick elimination can trigger continuous elimination, making the character's attack more heartily

-You can cooperate with the friends next to you

-Rich game modes and pursuits:

★★★ Fight monsters ★★★

Players challenge a variety of monsters individually, and at the same time they will learn the skills of the game's kills, super kills, combos, use of props, and quest cracking. To become a master, let's start here!

★★★ Crystal Showdown ★★★

3V3 real-time networking PK. The 3 players on each side guard their own crystal, and within the time limit of 5 minutes, once they explode the opponent's crystal, they will win the game. Note that you must knock down the player facing you before the next output will attack the opponent's crystal.

★★★ Fight monsters in different dimensions ★★★

Seasonal mode. The monsters here are much more ferocious, but you can team up with other players online in real time to fight monsters. A team that cooperates seamlessly, you must have your name on the list. Finally, don't forget, every time you enter a different dimension to fight monsters, you need to consume an admission ticket.

★★★ Happy to grab monsters ★★★

what? No admission ticket, can't go to different dimensions to fight monsters with your friends? It doesn't matter, come here to grab the admission ticket, and kill the monsters yourself will open the corresponding monster's picture book.

Eliminate monsters
Hossam Galal

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