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Eliminate little bit

Eliminate little bit

By: GaGaGame

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◆【Eliminate Little Dot-the most brain-burning puzzle game】◆

◆Unique and unique gameplay, simple but full of strategic challenges

◆Exquisite pixel retro art style

◆All 45 meticulously crafted levels

◆ Intimate game tips and help to help you get started quickly

◆High IQ elite players must play, all pass is the best proof of strength

◆Free download, no in-app purchases, you can support us with some ads if you think it’s good

◆The developer guarantees that as long as someone can play through, don’t worry about not having to play, I will arrange a new level immediately!

◆Must play in the summer vacation of 2017, come to the intellectual storm!

Eliminate little bit
Hossam Galal

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