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Dynasty Rise

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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"Rise of Dynasty" is a SLG+3D real-time tactical battle mobile game. Players can freely command and operate army battles in the game, experience the thrill of generals dispatching troops on the battlefield and galloping on the battlefield. And there are various elements such as terrain and weather in the game. Players can formulate their own combat plans and strategies to defeat opponents according to different terrains and lineups.

[Free operation mode to easily control the battlefield] Large panoramic battlefield map, single-finger sliding screen, click to move, freely operate any team, encircle, double-team, retreat, ambush, easy control of formation, full of strategic art!

[Rich weather and terrain refresh strategy limit] The sandstorm in the desert of Liangzhou, the snowstorm in the mountains of Youzhou, and the intricate terrain in the Xinye Valley, strive to truly restore the ancient battlefield.

[10 arms melee and rare generals and special skills for you to choose] 10 mixed arms, including sword and shield soldiers, archers, cavalry, and pikemen, play strategies, strategic combinations, and strategy brainstorming!

[Multiple competitive modes, fast-paced real-time PVP] 1V1, 3V3, friends online, multiple real-time competitive modes for you to play!

Dynasty Rise
Hossam Galal

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