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A song dedicated to the end

A song dedicated to the end

By: 圆桌骑士游戏工作室

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In the early morning of October 2195, the dazzling light broke the clouds and a huge holy sword hit the ground. In the sky, the angels looked down at the land under their feet with cold eyes, and slowly waved their outstretched hands, and a mighty army of angels descended on the earth. Under the light shrouded by the sacred sword, the prelude to the trial was opened...

In January 2196, the last fortress of mankind: the Arctic Circle was defeated by a devastating offensive. Since then, the Earth’s defenses have all been defeated, and 90% of the Earth’s area has become an occupied zone.

In December 2196, amidst the fierce offensive of the angels, the Human Completion Plan was finally successfully tested for the 1037th time. Humans have a 40% probability of betting-when the stability rate is lower than 40%, the first Variationist is born.

The prelude to resist the invasion is officially opened!

[Game Features]

[Judgment Day is Coming, Variations Gathering]

The day of judgment has arrived, and the girl stepped onto the battlefield! The mysterious powers inherited from thousands of years ago, and the predictions of ancient civilizations, are all uncovered at this moment!

[No occupation restriction weapons can be switched freely]

Break through professional restrictions, weapons determine the way of fighting! Choose your weapon to step on the battlefield, switch freely, and turn on Wushuang! Floating, raiding, with animation, special effects, shaking screen, distorted frame lock and other technologies, dazzling skills without pause, to achieve a brilliant and refreshing combat experience.

【Multiple sets of fashions and hundreds of collocations to develop cute little lieutenant】

Popular costumes are all here! Dress up to shine with yourself! There is also a special adjutant development plan, which can not only deepen the bond between the Variationist and the adjutant in the battle, but also can change and upgrade the adjutant little Lori to increase the favorability, not only can strengthen the combat attributes, but also trigger special Plot~

[PVP, PVE multiple modes open to face the world BOSS]

Start multiplayer battles and challenge the pinnacle of operation! The world BOSS is shocked and confronts the fear from the power of judgment. Here you can become a lone ranger and challenge the limit alone, or you can team up with your friends on a crusade to save the common people!

A song dedicated to the end
Hossam Galal

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