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Drunk Dreams

Drunk Dreams

By: 天橙游玩

اللعبة قيد التطوير. قم بالتسجيل المسبق
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The world is out of my generation!

Practice magical secrets, master martial arts weapons, temper invincible physique, meet like-minded people, and travel together.

Drunk lying in the rivers and lakes, the Lord laughed, and he still smelled the fragrance of chivalry even if he died.

Well-known and upright, evil spirits are outside, how can there be such a clear choice? Your choice is this arena.

Punch out of Shaolin, sword return to Wudang.

Chinese martial arts has a long history.

Thousands of peerless magic arts, hundreds of magic weapons, meditation and pulse, must use this body, alone in the arena.

Create an alliance of knights that belongs to you alone, radiate the spirits of the arena, spill the blood, and have a spectrum of martial arts weapons to help you become famous in the arena as soon as possible.

[Game Features]:

1. Place on-hook, continuous profit, automatic martial arts training, not tired or liver, will eventually become famous;

2. A variety of martial arts, completely open, with multiple skills without overwhelming oneself, gathering the best of a hundred schools of thought, and absorbing the best of others;

3. The alliance system gathers like-minded people and step into this so-called dangerous arena together;

4. The magic weapon system, to create a unique magic weapon, give it the name of a hero, one person, one sword, is the world;

5. The alchemy system, which gathers the essence of heaven and earth into one furnace, collects medicinal materials and turns them into medicinal pills to help increase your skill;

This is your arena, and it is also mine. We must let the world remember that we were here!

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Drunk Dreams
Hossam Galal

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