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Dreaming Wushuang

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After nine years of sharpening a sword, I will take you with you to enjoy and play together. As the master of the Dreaming Westward Journey series of games, "Dream Warriors" is carefully crafted by the original team. It retains the original horizontal combat experience and opens up a new chapter.

In the game, you can review the exciting plots of the Seven Demon Kings, Ten Temple Yama, Rape in the Heavens, and Ancient Ancients. You can also explore in the unprecedented chapter of the new world. The classic role experience will take you to relive the exciting world of Journey to the West! The newly upgraded scenes and pictures will allow you to experience a different style of the Tang Dynasty!

Meet up with three or five friends and set up a team to embark on the journey! The road ahead is dangerous, would you like to move forward with me?

★Game Features★

-Brand-new Wushuang transformation skills, enjoy a different and fun fighting.

-Weather copy, randomly refresh mythical beasts and catch unique pets.

-All classic characters and bosses are back.

-Collect materials, build equipment, inherit magic weapons, and bravely rush to various copies.

-Fun rewards, parkour, catch thieves, and enjoy endless fun.

-Time and space fantasy, with roguelike elements, random buffs, and random challenges.

Dreaming Wushuang
Hossam Galal

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