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Dragon Country

Dragon Country

By: 格策游戏

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Dragon Kingdom is a simple, easy-to-play card battle and turn-based war chess game.

main feature:

1. Innovative gameplay and new experience

2. The gameplay is simple and easy to use

3. A 6-10 minute casual game with the same server in a country or region

4. Fair competition strategy and wisdom contest

5. Friends interact 2v2 fun

The gameplay is innovative after experiencing in-depth classic games such as Hearthstone, Royal War, Heroes and Invincible 3. There is a reference to Royal War, but the gameplay is brand new. Please consider this when you comment.


Heaven punishes human beings in the kingdom of dragons, looking for human wise men:

Human beings wantonly destroy nature, and the earth's environment is getting worse. Human greed and stupidity angered the goddess. She decided to give the humans a punishment, so she sent the greedy humans to the Dragon Kingdom, and let the dragon punish the humans on her behalf. Here, only dragons can move, and humans will suffer the pain of mutual torture~ If humans want to completely get rid of punishment and leave the country of dragons, human wise men must penetrate the great wisdom and lead everyone to live in harmony between man and nature~

Are you that wise man? Come to the game to find the answer~~

Dragon Country
Hossam Galal

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