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Donut County

Donut County

By: Ben Esposito

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Donut County is a narrative physics puzzle game. In this game, you play as a hole in the ground that is getting bigger and bigger. Meet all the cute characters, sneak their trash and throw it in the hole.

Raccoons have taken over Donut County by stealing holes in the ground using remotely controlled garbage, and you'll play as BK, a raccoon who uses the holes to devour his friends and their homes for all sorts of silly-looking rewards.

One day, BK accidentally falls into a hole he's dug himself and meets his best friend Mira and the residents of Donut County, all of whom are trapped 999 feet above the ground. All of them are trapped 999 feet below the ground, and the raccoon must give them an explanation!


- Explore each character's home and watch out for the unique environment each one has.

- Move through the caverns to swallow their contents, the caverns will get bigger and bigger with each swallow.

- Combine various objects in the cavern for magical effects: make soup, raise rabbits, shoot fireworks, and more.

- Catapult various objects out of the hole in the ground. You can solve puzzles by this means... Or simply be a Ralph.

- Devour Everything. Until the entire town is gone, the hole in the ground will remain.

Donut County is the creation of Ben Esposito, designer of What Remains of Edith Finch and The Unfinished Swan. After six years of solo development, and after consuming dozens of donuts (for research) and a fateful encounter with a raccoon, he finally released the game.

Donut County
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