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Cyber Era (beta)

Cyber Era (beta)

By: 纪元

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【story background】

In the future world, human wisdom will make the earth's civilization highly developed, but the fragility of the human body has attracted the coveting of the dark forces on the outer planet. They created a batch of super puppet mechas by injecting the genes of ancient heroes into the mechanical human body and plundered human resources. The flames of war continue to spread, and the earth is on the verge of fragmentation...

The protagonist played by the player is one of the modified mechas, but he yearns for freedom and resists oppression. In the long-term struggle, the heroic genes of the protagonist gradually awakened, and he was determined to use this power to overthrow *** and liberate the enslaved humans.

During the game, the protagonist will take risks in several scenes with different styles to gain experience and resources to improve himself. In the adventure, the protagonist may encounter different enemies, need to use reasonable matching skills and precise operations to win the battle, obtain different body strengthening devices, and may luckily encounter a supply station on the way to help the protagonist. Every time a player chooses, the battle may lead to a completely different ending.

This will be a bet on the fate of all mankind. Are you ready to embark on this unknown journey?

[Game Features]

1: Vertical screen minimalist operation experience, making the battle more smooth and free;

2: High-degree-of-freedom skill combination, active and passive skill combination, to create your own battlefield effect;

3: Nearly a hundred kinds of enemy bosses, high-realistic AI, providing a variety of play challenges;

4: Collect suits, cooperate with talent effect bonuses, and realize personalized character development.

Cyber Era (beta)
Hossam Galal

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