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Crispy Dungeons

Crispy Dungeons


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About this game

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a brief introdction:

You personally lead three combat elites into a randomly generated dungeon adventure.

Every time you can only bring limited food, limited skills, and limited life to face the swarming monsters, how many levels can you persist to live?

Various interesting and tangled dungeon events will emerge suddenly, how can your small team decide to deal with it? Is it hurt or redemption? Is it to flee or continue? Depends on your strategic choice.

Game details:

Unprepared, you will play as a greedy businessman (or ignorant), recruit 3 "braves" in the village to go deep into the dungeon with you to find treasure. Just flick your finger, swipe left and right, you can make a decision to direct your expedition team to make a decision.

Try to survive the endless curse-like dark dungeon, but in the process, you have to deal with the various roles in your squad: strong and brave warriors, intelligent and rational wizards, and agile and flexible rangers. Because your arrangement affects the ending of every expedition.

Be careful not to let the endless stream of monsters destroy your group. The dark dungeon is full of strange organs and traps, and all kinds of funny things happen all the time to make you itch your hands.

Every time you enter the dungeon, you will be given new random mission achievements and monster-killing challenges. However, greed will make you dead, so you must think about when to stop and go to the village to get level rewards under limited circumstances.

A dungeon full of unknown exploration elements: try every possible way to lead your expedition team, fight BOSS, or rescue the trapped pet dog, find the portal and return to the village as soon as you get it? Or try to continuously explore new ways to destroy the group every time?

It will even trigger various evil and interesting dark events, including encountering the legendary Aladdin's magic lamp.

Adventure Challenge: Complete the specified objectives and adventure levels to unlock more random event cards and monster cards, enrich the dungeon content.

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The version is in the v1.0013 development and testing stage. Players who are interested in experience and provide valuable feedback are welcome to participate.

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Crispy Dungeons
Hossam Galal

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