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Buddhism decompression

Buddhism decompression

By: 深圳滕逸

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The Buddha said: Looking back 500 times in the previous life, we can pass by the current life.

I don’t know the donor, have you ever seen a Buddhist decompression artifact?

This is a legendary Buddhist game.

No Amitabha, my Buddha is merciful, knowing that the world is disturbed by the mundane world,

Although time has passed, there is not much hair, and my temper is grumpy. Life is very troublesome. It is the best choice to take refuge in my Buddha.

At the current time, it is very difficult to want to become a monk, and it is even more difficult to go to a temple to pray for God and worship Buddha, but it is easy to pick up our Buddha system to decompress the artifact and refresh it.

I want the four to be empty, come on, let’s cultivate your body and nurture your sexuality.

I want the six roots to be clean, come on, let's sweep the fallen leaves in front of the buddhism together

If you want a thousand miles of marriage, come on, let's ask for support and get a lottery.

Life! There is nothing, where does it get the dust?

Listen to the Buddhist scriptures of the Buddha, with the Buddhist music that calms and purifies the body and mind, locks the six roots and purifies, dispels the black mist of evil spirits, and has a true self-cultivation journey of decompression and immortality!

A hundred years of cultivation come to the same boat, thousands of years of cultivation to sleep together, ten thousand years of cultivation to decompress the Buddha system, yes! I can only repair a Buddhist decompression artifact


1. Choose your favorite Sanskrit (Buddhist carols), otherwise you will not be able to become immortal in your practice

2. Play the game step by step in accordance with the entrance to Buddhism, please do not cross one of them, the road to immortality is long and cannot be done overnight!

The poor monks are all vacant and live by resolving the visa. Donor, do you want to stay? Zhai food is free of charge.

Buddhism decompression
Hossam Galal

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