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Combination model

Combination model

By: Joypac Games

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Global Gear's nostalgic classic "Combination Model" is now available

Remember the childhood assembled toys? Want to know the structure of commonly used furniture? Do it yourself in the game and enjoy the fun of craftsmen

Exquisite furnishings in the living room and bedroom

Concise design for the placement of kitchen items

Assemble every piece of furniture, you are the master of assembling!


▲Unlock the model with the existing key

▲Observe the details of the material of the model

▲Follow the prompts to assemble

▲Assembled completed

[Game Features]

▲ 60 pieces of daily furniture, waiting for your assembly

▲ 12 rooms, each with 5 groups of models, pick any one to start quickly

▲ Bring your baby to experience the fun of hands-on

Experience the craftsman’s assembling of Buddhism and be your own superhero

Combination model
Hossam Galal

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