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Code: Rebirth

Code: Rebirth

By: 萌研馆

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Game introduction

Become a unique adventurer in the sky world of clouds and floating islands

"Code: Rebirth" is a two-dimensional Japanese-style light fantasy card game with the sky above the sea of clouds as the background.

Here, you will become a skywalker driving an airship (Ark) among the continents suspended in the sea of clouds.

Meet all kinds of characters, make friends of different races, and develop your own adventure life.

You can experience in the game

Classic and unique combat system

Encounter characters, recruit partners, explore unknown worlds, discover new races...

Bring card battles back to classic turn-based battles

At the same time, the original and brand-new battle mode allows the cooperation between the cards and the idea of team formation to radiate infinitely, thus deriving the depth of play at different stages

Faced with different monsters, different players have different deck lineup strategies. Desire to change and be different is the player's goal for the deck

Diversified collection and exploration elements

A large number of exploration notes, observation records to understand the monsters, characters, and treasures you encounter during your journey

Reminiscing about her at that time and place

Record the bits and pieces of the adventure, read them in your spare time, and think back to the touches or regrets at that time

Code: Rebirth
Hossam Galal

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