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Code Hunting Project

Code Hunting Project

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The world created by "Code Hunting Project" is a pre-cyberpunk society. Unlike the dystopian cyberpunk society, the world in the game is still the rush and confused modern society that we are familiar with, and everything remains the same. It is developing normally in accordance with the pace of the times, but this is a huge invisible vortex that is driven by commercial interests to make society slip into the abyss little by little.

The protagonists of the game are not afraid of danger or fame and fortune, only because their adventures have informed them of those "ulterior plans." The inner justice and conscience told them that knowing is the responsibility, and in order to protect justice and prevent the conspiracy of the lawless from succeeding, they joined in an arduous and hopeless struggle without hesitation.

The enemy is powerful. They have huge commercial resources. Companies and groups are their glamorous facades. They bind and compromise with each other with intricate business interests, but they are intrigues and conspiracy with each other, because the final "consciousness matrix" Their same goal, whoever masters it, can manipulate the preferences of the public, grab unlimited commercial benefits, and surpass all competitors.

After intensive and careful planning, in order to prevent possible network leaks, members of the hunting code team secretly gathered from their respective active areas around the world, and they brought their respective regional action development plans. After many rounds of intense discussions, a "code hunting plan" drafted by Chris, appointed by the mysterious man, surfaced and was approved by all members.

In the past, due to the loose distribution of the teams in various regions, they always acted separately and only shared intelligence when they needed assistance. However, in order to solve the common problems of various divisions around the world, the "Code Hunting Project" operation requires coordination and cooperation in many aspects. Therefore, through the unanimous agreement of the various branches, the global branches mobilized core backbone forces to join the "Code Hunting Project" and have the authority to maintain information sharing with their respective branches separately in order to command coordinated actions.

Our story will also begin from here.

Code Hunting Project
Hossam Galal

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