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The game is currently in production

Because the development of various content in the game takes more time than expected

Therefore, the release date is postponed to 2019, and the specific time is still uncertain

I'm really sorry for disappointing everyone's expectations!

The core of the game is development and puzzle solving.

You will spend every day with your partner in a fictional world as a college student,

The action of each day is completely determined by the player, and the action will also affect the final outcome.

There will also be many collection elements such as costumes and props waiting for players to discover.

(Because it is under development, more system information will be released later.)

The protagonist’s sister (or the older brother if she chooses the female protagonist) committed suicide by falling from a building six years ago

The protagonist who has always loved her sister (brother) has also fallen into endless pain from that day on.

However, one day after the protagonist's college entrance examination was over, the protagonist suddenly received an e-mail. The sender of the e-mail was actually his dead sister (brother).

The elder brother (sister) said in the e-mail that his suicide had hidden secrets, and the truth was hidden in the "Lianhai University of Science and Technology" where the elder sister (brother) had read.

But how can the dead send emails?

In order to pursue the truth, the protagonist was admitted to the university mentioned in the letter, joined the student union where his sister (brother) had been, and had a series of confrontations with the legendary hacker organization CODE of this school.

In the process, the protagonist gradually discovered the truth...

·Develop a game system that adds puzzle solving.

·Game graphics and music full of nostalgia.

·Customizable protagonist (including gender).

·A game map for free exploration.

·Rich branch plots.

· Multiple endings.

Hossam Galal

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