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Chasing the Light: Set Sail (Beta)

Chasing the Light: Set Sail (Beta)

By: Ohayoo

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This is a game where you decide the rise and fall of the entire civilization.

The background of the game relies on the famous "The Big Rip of the Universe Hypothesis", which tells the story of many civilizations struggling to survive on the eve of the end of the universe.

You will serve as the navigator of an ultra-tech spacecraft "Ark", leading other compatriots to escape the threat of the big tear.

In order to meet the energy required for navigation, you need to construct a star ring that envelops the entire planet and seize the planet's material.

But not all planets are empty.

In the end, will these planets be swallowed up, or will they live hand in hand with other civilizations? It is up to you to decide.

Please note that all choices may cause civilization to develop in different directions. Please consider carefully before implementing.


• By upgrading technology, Ark’s offline revenue can be extended.

• Reasonable distribution of energy points to various facilities and technologies can increase production capacity more quickly.

• The automatic answer is turned on by default in the game. Players who like to explore the content of the story and control the trend of the plot can turn off this function.

• Please switch/swipe left and right, and pay attention to the upper left corner of the interface, your AI assistant will mark the [Navigator Task] in that position.

• Many concepts in the game are derived from conjectures about scientific theories.

Chasing the Light: Set Sail (Beta)
Hossam Galal

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