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Call me the big shopkeeper

Call me the big shopkeeper

By: 鲁班工作室

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"Call Me the Great Shopkeeper" is an ancient business simulation game, equipped with exquisite ink paintings and thick-painted characters to bring you back to ancient times.

In the game, the player came to Bianliang as a novice shopkeeper to work hard, get acquainted with all the strange people, and recruit them as customers, and work together to manage business; through hard work and hard work, eventually become a unique and wealthy businessman.

[Bianliang beautiful scenery, waiting for you to appreciate]

The background and buildings are depicted in ink and wash style. In the picture, the people in Bianliang are busy handling the work at hand, presenting the ancient atmosphere of the city to the players in an authentic way, reproducing the charm of the “Surfing the River on Qingming Festival”.

[Linlang shop, waiting for you to take care of it]

Row upon row of houses are operating in all walks of life: medical centers, banks, incense shops.... Players can unlock various industries and shops based on their business sense and main tasks. Hire guys, recruit talents, take care of them carefully, and make your neighborhood more prosperous.

[Various doormen, cheer for you]

Talented people from all walks of life gathered together on the fertile soil of Bianliang. In addition to the familiar little er, tailors, and doctors, there are back scrubbers, paper-cutters, and gu masters...They come from different eras, and they all have unique skills to advise you on the road to business.

Call me the big shopkeeper
Hossam Galal

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