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Blue Sky War

Blue Sky War

By: 3K游戏

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"Blue Sky War" is a 3D vertical placement card game with a magical world as the background. As the leader of a mercenary group, you need to collect and use your own magical mercenaries to fight against other leaders. The legendary SSS-level mercenary group, harvest their own legendary stories!

[Game Features]

——The first mode of placing and auto chess bondage

Five super magic races, thirteen powerful professions, covering 18 basic fetters, thousands of formations, tens of thousands of gameplays, you can choose!

——The original hero reincarnated into a god into a magic game

A single hero, multiple choices, the magic card does not rely on krypton, all depends on your own choice, you become a god with one thought, and you become a devil with one tribulation. Only you say who you are!

——Exquisite 3D modeling to restore fierce battle

Real-time on-hook mode, exquisite 3D super fighting feeling, stunning skills cast! 360° hero model viewing, more than 50 cents of special effects for you to enjoy!

——Mysterious maze plot with open ending

The mysterious maze contains rich rewards! Choose your own direction, explore battles in different plots, and open-ended endings. The amazing treasure is the moment when you choose the intersection by yourself!

Blue Sky War
Hossam Galal

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