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Barking Block

Barking Block

By: Macehead Games

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Barking Block is an Adventure Game that combines Space Puzzle and Sandbox Construction.

Human civilization has been destroyed by the Demonic Legion. The Doggy Heroes come to the fragmented maze-like world sought revenge for their former owner.

The Doggys will encounter various deadly traps ang evil monsters such as Orcs and Undead in the 3D mazes. Players need to skillfully use switch & trap, and rely on strategy to wipe out powerful enemies. Only the intelligent players can reach the finish.

Players can easily create own levels with the Creator Mode (Map Editor) in the game, and upload and share to all players to challenge.

Barking Block's Creator Mode is different from other sandbox games. You are not create your castle or city in a big world like Minecraft, but you can create a lot of personalized game levels. You are the real Game Level Designer!

Barking Block
Hossam Galal

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