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Aurore is train

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Are you willing to sacrifice yourself for someone?

Are you eager to join a world that does not belong to you?

Do you want to resist a life that is fettered?

Do you want to be an independent person, not just someone's daughter, someone's wife, or someone's mother?

The protagonist is an ordinary office worker born in an ordinary family. On a rainy night, he found an abandoned iron train on the railway and embarked on a wonderful journey.

In the shattered old carriage, he is entertained by the mysterious conductor. In his story along the way, the protagonist becomes a character in a different story and rewrites the original ending of the story.

However, as the journey progressed, not only did the conductor's behavior become more bizarre, but he seemed to be gradually in danger...

Why is this train running? Where do you want to go again?

◆ Otome's love orientation, eleven target audiences will perform the whole process of voice performance!

Do you remember those familiar stories?

The very different characters in those stories, or the ancient-style healers with deep tenderness, or the foreign gods who love and hate... They will meet you again in another form.

◆ Immersive experience of the plot, no cards and no battles!

"The Nightingale and the Rose", "The Legend of the White Snake", "The Snatched Tara", "The Legend of Persephone"...Immersive experience of different styles of stories, and a deeper bond with the object you want to know, and after all this, the truth What about it?

◆ Dozens of ending branches, hundreds of beautiful CGs!

Rewriting the original set ending of the story is also an important clue to lead one's own future.

Pulling aside the heavy fog, is the destiny controlled by others this time, or is it changed by oneself?

Aurore is train
Hossam Galal

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