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Antique Street Horror

Antique Street Horror

By: GOODO工作室

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This is an old antique street, and all kinds of antiques emerge in endlessly on the street. The small streets and alleys where people come and go have witnessed how many people are scouring the sand.

According to legend, antiques are full of gold, and the gold will condense into gold coins that are invisible to the naked eye at night, which will attract wealthy little ghosts floating around. If antiques are sucked away from gold, their fineness will deteriorate and they will not be able to sell for a good price. Therefore, these money-greedy kids have become the biggest enemy of antique shop owners every night. The game takes place in a small shop on the street. Every night, the silly little ghost Gudong, antique shop owner Lao Huang and his dog Wangcai stage a chase battle here every night.

The stupid kid who is greedy for money-Gudong:

The kid hiding in the antique shop depends on eating gold coins for a living. Without gold coins, it will be bleak, and full of gold coins will be full of vitality. The happiest thing for him is to come out at night to eat gold coins, fill up his stomach, find a comfortable antique, get in, and sleep beautifully until it gets dark.

Antique shop owner——Lao Huang:

Huang, who has been in business on the street for more than 30 years, is always harassed by the greedy kid-Gudong. In order to drive away Gudong, a mechanism for warding off evil spirits was installed in the shop. Not only that, he also went to the stall next door, saying that the fortune teller, who was the heir of the 19th generation Maoshan Taoist priest, learned some inanimate spells, and wanted to use it to deal with Gudong.

The pet dog of the antique shop owner-Wangcai:

Followed Huang's bulldog since he was a child, helped Huang look at the store, and watched Huang sleep at night. If Gudong comes, get up and help the Gudong who is greedy for money. Due to the busy schedule and single so far, my favorite dog food is Pippi Shrimp.

[Game Introduction]

Light horror parkour game, slide your finger to control Gudong to escape the pursuit of the antique shop owner!

(Lao Huang: Actually, he was helping Gudong and stealing more gold coins from the antique shop! Ah! Σ(っ°Д °;)っ)

(Gudong: No, no, (ó﹏ò。) is an escape...)

(Prosperity: Σ(っ°Д °;)っ)

[Fingertips dodge]

Swipe your finger, slide forward, and avoid the violent attacks of antique shop owners and pet dogs! Beware of unexpected organs! Eat gold coins to make Gudong run faster. The farther Gudong runs, the more rewards!

(Gudong: Eat gold coins and run fast. The farther you run, the more rewards! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧)

(Lao Huang: Humph! Yesterday a bunch of traps were buried again to see how far you can escape!)

(Prosperity: Σ(っ°Д °;)っ)

【Curious Antiques】

Reap rewards and unlock more private collections of antique shop owners.

(Old Huang: Stealing things brazenly!)

(Gudong: This is made by hard work!)

(Prosperity: Σ(っ°Д °;)っ)

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Share your thoughts and expectations about the game more, and show your heart~ Meme~

(Old Huang: Isn't this canvassing for votes? ***! Σ(っ°Д °;)っ)

(Boom: ✧٩(ˊωˋ*)و✧)

Antique Street Horror
Hossam Galal

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