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Animal Adventure (beta)

Animal Adventure (beta)

By: 独舞凌烟

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"Animal Adventure" is a game with a super cute casual animal appearance, but a faster-paced elimination adventure game.

[Game Features]

Game objectives and gameplay.

1. Goal: Control a little bear (you can choose 3 animals in total) to explore the continent polluted by monsters. There are currently more than 30 levels on the main map.

2. How to play

1. Monsters: In the ruins, you will encounter various dragons or monsters that guard the ruins, etc., with their own magic skills, and at the same time make monster ai and behaviors. As of yesterday, 41 kinds of big and small monsters have been made. Including 30 bosses.

2 Protagonist: (the game has no joystick, and a set of touch pathfinding logic is made)

1) Use to eliminate bricks of different colors, damage the boss base, and restore the blood volume shield

2) With various skills (toys, hammers, missiles, swords, etc.), with shield + HP, plus a random skill system similar to a lottery, plus skill performance effects, creating a tense and fulfilling game Rhythm.

Three, dress up

Super cute custom dressing system.

Recently, Animal Crossing has become popular, and I have been fascinated by the collection of various decorative objects that fall into the sky, so a relatively complete interaction and dressing system has been made in the game.

1. Take a screenshot and take a picture. In the hut, you can choose dozens of styles of expressions and dressing. Then press the screenshot button to share.

You can show your own collocation.

2. Enter the hut to interact with the character.

(1) Click on the small animal to do all kinds of funny actions, victory, joy, cry, dozens of switching.

(2) It can be matched with different expressions. Make super cute moves.

3. Store system.

3 characters are unlocked, each character can change headgear, backpack, weapon and various skins. Santa and so on. . .

Different styles can be made with the above interaction. I think the choices of macho and teenage girls will definitely be different (the same).

4. All the above costumes can be synchronized to the game. Play games in different outfits for 365 days.

In fact, the basic gameplay of the previous game was to eliminate no boss battles. Some people suggest that every time you win, give a little reward or gem to make the player feel rewarding, but in the end there is no choice, because I like the game, I really can’t induce the player, I finally choose to enrich my own gameplay, join the boss haunt, and challenge different relics. Boss’s gameplay increases gameplay.

Stay tuned, please give me some time to perfect the boss battle, I believe your waiting is worth it. I also considered whether or not to make a buyout priority. In the spirit of not making money, I still want to provide the game with a better quality, and bring everyone happiness, so the game will also be free!

Animal Adventure (beta)
Hossam Galal

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