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Alien storm

Alien storm

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The RTS game that can really micro-manage units is here!

"Alien Storm" is a real-time battle strategy game with RTS+TCG gameplay. It adopts U3D engine and is independently produced based on the two inventions of "Gestures Controlling the Movement Path of Game Characters" and "Game Card Drag Model". Beautiful comic style, funny soft science fiction theme.

The background of the story is the first year of the new era, when the universe broke out for the first large-scale thermal crisis. In order to avoid the extinction of their respective galaxies, the nine cosmic civilizations compete with each other, who will be the winner, and the future of the universe is still unknown. The player plays an excellent starship captain in the game, exploring different galaxies in the universe and realizing the inheritance and development of civilization.

Players can obtain battle units of 9 races, namely: human, ape, robot, alien, planted spirit, octopus, saint, orc, ball clan, a total of 60 (the current version is 36 units +6 Zhang spell). These cards have different attack attributes, energy consumption and passive skills. In the pre-battle deck building process, players can freely combine and match according to the characteristics of each card, so as to achieve a rich combat strategy. In addition, users can control units on the field through operations such as clicking or sliding to achieve operations such as moving, focusing on fire, and attacking specific targets. The free operation of each one's own unit is a major feature of this product! Players can not only focus on the cultivation of the card's own abilities, the construction of the card group, but also can defeat powerful opponents by virtue of superb operation level.

Due to the strategic and operational factors of this product, even players of the same value, different strategic combinations and tactical implementations will result in completely different results. And this kind of uncertainty based on the player's own factors makes it possible for non-paying players to defeat recharged players. If you don’t believe it, after level 30, you can try it in fair competition, hehehe!

Alien storm
Hossam Galal

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