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Alice is mental trial

Alice is mental trial


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Why is the crow like a writing desk?

The girl Alice woke up and found that she was in an empty classroom. It seemed that she was just taking a nap, and it seemed that a long time had passed...

Because she can't remember anything (Amnesia Terrier is online).


Sudden trials, unspoken teachers, unimpressed classmates, overbearing and arbitrary rules...the ordinary campus scenes have clues everywhere, every conversation has something to say, and every material has meaning Unknown, it is necessary for a stubborn girl to insist on justice, shed her cocoon until the final truth.

During the whole process, the enemies that Kanzaki Alice will face, bear the accused charges, and the process of independent exploration and reasoning are all done by your brain power.

Although it is a short and concise story derived from the plot of a famous fairy tale, there are also unexpected strokes in the visual process of the whole story. The more realistic scenes also hope to convey the emotional wishes of the story more appropriately, reasoning and deciphering. The combination of interrogation and dialectics makes the final decision by you who have personally experienced it.

Perhaps this is an absurd and dark fairy tale, and hope that through the experience of the story, it will bring more warmth and light to everyone.

"Let's go to school together"

Alice is mental trial
Hossam Galal

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