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A great adventure from scratch: Dessert Prince 2

A great adventure from scratch: Dessert Prince 2

By: 平潭嗨游

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Shop manager, the bakery is officially opened!

Taiwan's gold medal team devoted themselves to the production, and went to Japan to find top voice actors for dubbing.

The super-sweet love-run mobile game "A Great Adventure From Zero: Sweets Prince 2" will bring you the heartbeat of first love!

"Scratch-Starting Adventure: Dessert Prince 2" was officially recommended by Google Play in Taiwan

"Scratch Adventure: Dessert Prince 2", as the sequel to "Dessert Prince", has become the most anticipated mobile game for women in love by players. It is a game that combines baking and love. Watch 12 handsome dessert princes become right-handed assistants, run a bakery with you and start a journey around the world. As the store manager, can you find a "miracle recipe"? What kind of romantic plot will happen with the princes?

[12 personalized dessert princes, waiting for you strategy]

Well-known painter Lu Chuanming tailored the image of a prince for the game.

The lazy and confident dessert king, the cautious childhood sweetheart, the sunny and cheerful brother, the cold and arrogant critic senior, the lovely and lively detective novelist...

The male characters of the 12 constellations have joined the baking house one after another because of various factors. Are they attracted by your enthusiasm and dreams? Or is it another purpose? A completely different love story, let you step into his world step by step, and completely conquer his heart~❤

[Romantic and sweet love story, sweet into your heart]

Full Live2D dynamic event graph, immersive feelings, giving you an unprecedented romantic experience. The blushing love story, satisfy your girl's heart once, and fall in love with your prince!

Increase the intimacy, and unlock more sweet plots, and hear the heartbeat confession voice~♪

[Over a hundred kinds of desserts are made and collected, and there is a romantic journey around the world]

Crystal clear water letter black cake, exquisite and lovely macaron, fluffy hedgehog chiffon cake, cat pineapple cake that is popular in the world... waiting for you to travel all over the world, and save all the sweetness in the palm of your hand!

Set sail from Tokyo now and embark on a sweet adventure, leaving your and his romantic footprints in Taipei, Paris, and Hong Kong! More cities will be opened in the future, taking you to the hometown of the male actor and discovering more inner secrets~☀

[Dream business simulation, DIY to create your own baking house]

Purchasing local ingredients, researching and developing creative desserts, decorating the bakery, and turning your bakery into No.1 bit by bit!

It can also set up exclusive rooms for male characters, collection of travel photos and other fun ways to play, giving you unexpected surprises~✿

[Well-known voice actors help out, the most beautiful words are only for you]

Hosotani Jiazheng (Capricorn ✿ Mu Huaiqing)

Eguchi Takuya (Aquarius✿Ian Hughes)

Dai Yongyi (Pisces✿ Xing Yuanhui)

Daisuke Namcheon (Aries✿Liber·Lignac)

Temple Island Takuma (Taurus ✿ Seven Seas)

Taniyama Kisho (Gemini✿Utsunomiya Sho)

Jun Fukuyama (Cancer✿Alessio Gironi)

Toshiki Masuda (Leo ✿ Lanier Mejid)

Huajiang Xiashu (Virgo✿ Sakura Garden Cangping)

Sakurai Takahiro (Libra✿ Ives Keller)

Nishiyama Hongtaro (Scorpio✿Jiang Yinyu)

Toyonaga Toshiyuki (Sagittarius ✿Robos Freire)

Invite twelve first-line Japanese voice actors to give voice to the princes,

Ready to take on the offensive of sweet talk,

Come to "Zero-Starting Adventure: Dessert Prince 2" and talk about the most healing solid love!

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A great adventure from scratch: Dessert Prince 2
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