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The content of the game is diving into the adventure strategy. Players need to pass through levels by evading, hiding, using props or assassination behind the scenes.

The game features, with a custom system that is unique in the current mobile games on the market. Players can edit the map through the editor we provide, which contains tasks, plots and rewards. As long as you have a story in your heart, you can create your own world and let players all over the world experience your story.

The gameplay is similar to that of the Allied Death Squad. It achieves the goal of breaking through in the form of infiltration. With a variety of props to target different monsters, the types of monsters in the game have reached more than 30 kinds, and a variety of strange abilities and interactions make the game more fun .

We have also considered the implantation of the home system for a long time, so that players can go to their homes to plant, produce, manufacture, interact with elves, interact with friends and so on when they are tired. The homeland output plus the income from the barriers can be used to create various props that are beneficial to the barriers and adventures in the homeland. In the game, almost all props can be obtained through this way.

The biggest highlight of the game is that each player can edit the level map and plot, or various stories and tasks, and then let other players experience and break through the level. Each player’s breakthrough will reward each other with each other. The benefits of the level of the player themselves are immeasurable. Friends who have played "Heroes of Invincibility 3" should all know its powerful map editor, and our custom inspiration also comes from this. After all, we are also loyal fans of the Invincible series.

In the game, there is no situation where local tyrants crush everything. As long as the technology is good, ranking and ranking at the top of the list is easy, and the advantage of local tyrants is only the ease of experiencing the level, and will not greatly increase the score of the level. It can be said that there is a delicate balance between civilian players and local tyrant players. Of course, the experience of local tyrant players can greatly increase the speed and number of levels, which is unmatched by ordinary players.

The homeland custom system allows players to modify their homeland deployment at will, including decorating with decorations digging in the picture or purchased in the mall, increasing the output of homeland production and planting, etc., to create an exclusive homeland and let other players bow to it. Worship.

Abu Online
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