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The promotion of the prince

The promotion of the prince

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Based on the novel and TV series of the same name, the exquisite 2D style of painting and the extremely high level of game graphics. Say goodbye to boring monster spawning upgrades and abandon the single-mode business gameplay. There are more famous celebrities who travel through time and space to help your power be in the hand! Strive to let you enter the quaint world of the prince in all aspects of viewing, listening and playing, and personally experience the sweet love story between Zhang Pengpeng and Qi Sheng~

Hey~ The prospects for promotion are worrying, labor is not guaranteed, five social insurances and one fund are not available, the nature of the job is dangerous, and there is a danger of death at any time

The labor intensity will not be very large, but there is no right to choose the target of the service.

It seems that the job of the princess is really not a good job, there is no future, the pressure is high, and the labor intensity is high...

The struggle history of the "woman" harem...

The history of suffering in the harem of the "man"...

The promotion of the prince
Hossam Galal

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