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A bright future

A bright future

By: 内购人生PABL

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"If you look at "A Beautiful Future" according to the criteria of a successful game, it will definitely not be successful, not to mention the sales and the amount of praise. Even the crude art that seems to make you lose the desire to play at first glance. Can be connected with success. But it is definitely a good game, a simple, innovative, and at the same time a fictional game that is not "fictional" at all."

8/10-"Practical Technology of Game Consoles"

"I think the meaning of domestic production is not that the creator and us happened to be born in a country, and we have to support him unconditionally. It is because the creator and us were born in the same country, so he can do something foreigners can never do. , Express our game."

8/10 – 17173 games

"Everyone who works hard for life can find his own shadow from here."

8/10-Cow Level Game Community


You are a person full of justice. You are fed up with a mobile game company that is full of plagiarism and money and advertises that you love games.

You hacked the phone of the boss of a mobile game company.

You have to find evidence in his cell phone to make bad guys get evil.

In the process of finding evidence, you will gradually learn about the story that happened to him, which may change your mind and strengthen your belief.

It depends on what choice you will make in the same situation-when a monster named reality strikes.

How to play

You have to carefully explore every corner of your phone: chat history, photos, news, and even settings, and then extract keywords from these apps, and get more clues through search. In this way, we continue to obtain clues, constantly analyze the clues to improve the reasoning, and spell out a series of stories that happened to the mobile phone owner bit by bit.

Unlike most puzzle games, "A Bright Future" does not have a fixed sequence and solutions like most puzzle games. Each puzzle in the game has more than two solutions. You can freely choose the way and order of exploration.

I hope to tell an ordinary but special story in a special way and in a special style.

1. A special way

The story clues are scattered in more than ten apps and more than four hundred keywords. You need to use your own reasoning and judgment to combine the scattered pieces to form a complete story.

2. Special style

The style you see in the screenshot will continue throughout the game.

3. An ordinary but special story

Why do you say "ordinary but special stories"?

Because there are too many bizarre and magical and moving game stories, but the ordinary stories are special.

When the dream of making a great game encounters a monster named reality, if you were a mobile phone owner, what choice would you make?

Perhaps the story happened in the game industry, but for young people who have nothing, which industry is not like this.

Author's words

A bright future
Hossam Galal

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