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Wilderness Pursuit

Wilderness Pursuit

By: 奇偶工作室

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"The Wilderness Pursuit" is a mobile vehicle shooting game, driving a car or a flying machine, shuttled in the rain of bullets, is the romance we dedicate to "Kugai"!

In addition to the main gameplay fusion of racing and eating chicken, there are four special gameplays waiting for you to experience:

1. Firearms matching: different weapons require completely different operations, you can even set up a turret! Lay an ambush behind the hillside, attract the fort, and shoot away!

2. Professional vehicles: Each profession has unique skills. Maybe you want to choose an assassin to chase and kill rookies in stealth; different vehicles have their own characteristics on the terrain, water, land and air, beaches, and cities. You can flexibly choose your pursuit or enter the circle. Route it!

3. Easter egg dungeon: In addition to picking up equipment and fighting bosses, here you can also enter the mysterious floating island dungeon, looking for powerful equipment, who said that you can’t be "rich eat chicken"?

4. Hurricane Poison Circle: If the Poison Circle is a hurricane, it should be able to move freely, so don't think it will only shrink into the circle—into the circle? Chase the circle! Join the enemy forces and fire and drag racing at the same time!

Pioneer internal beta QQ group: 829911872, the game is still under development, welcome everyone to join the group to experience and exchange opinions.

Wilderness Pursuit
Hossam Galal

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