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Broken Dawn 2

Broken Dawn 2

By: 仙灵岛工作室

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"Broken Dawn 2" is a light roguelike game with a wasteland style doomsday theme, which integrates elements such as adventure, exploration, card and hang-up.

The player acts as the leader of a small team, accompanied by the Sand Sculpture Adjutant and Spice Girl Doctor. In this doomsday, with the goal of survival first, gradually expand your team, regain lost ground step by step, fight against the "mutants" and the unknown forces behind them, and write your own story.

The game is divided into 5 major occupations, each of which has 10 at least 10 kinds of skills. Players can study their own collocations, three milk anti-injury flow, control flow, bleeding team, there is no strong, only stronger; as long as you dare Think, you can play any tricks.

Broken Dawn 2
Hossam Galal

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