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Under the blue moon

Under the blue moon

By: AshesStudio余烬组

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Mysterious blue moon, a fantasy journey hidden under the story of pure love and romance.

The ignorant young love, the hidden light of truth, what is the secret hidden under the blue moon...

In the month of communication between summer and autumn, Lan Yueqi's viewpoint, which was rare in a thousand years, ignited the city that should have been quiet.

With the flow of curious people, what you see is the endless blue, deep, as if to wrap the whole world.

With that day, you find that your life seems to have undergone subtle changes. There is a clingy school girl (oh, why use one), and a mouthless girl who is close and distant with you (no mouth cut open) It’s all love), and a girl who looks familiar (well... it must be an illusion)

With the addition of the three of them, the literary club, which was almost the only one of you, has become more colorful. Even the super cute sister came to the city where you went to school because of family trips. It all seems to be The blue moon brings good luck, but as time goes by...

Can the carefree time really last forever?

Under the blue moon
Hossam Galal

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