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Return to the Moon (beta)

Return to the Moon (beta)

By: TOT游戏

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Yutu, job number 9527, needs your help urgently!

Due to a mechanical failure, the Yutu in space travel was forced to land on the earth, unable to return to the moon factory to make moon cakes.

You can't live without moon cakes this year! Come and help it return to the moon!


Did you have a friend who liked playing bunny jumping bells and playing penguins when you were young? The game I liked when I was a kid really gave me a lot of inspiration, and I made this super cute little game.

It is a relatively simple casual gameplay, I hope everyone likes it. There are no advertisements and no in-app purchases. I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


A new leaderboard function has been added, so it is necessary to connect to the Internet, let me who Kangkang takes the first place, ask me to get the prize 2333

Tool support: Calling environment engine (very easy to use, and my lady is also very gentle, thank you)

Return to the Moon (beta)
Hossam Galal

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