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Tianya Mingyue Knife

Tianya Mingyue Knife

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"Tianya Mingyue Swordsman Mobile Game" kicks off its new year in 2021, and the brand new expansion film "Sword Swordsman" hits shockingly on March 25! Peng Yuchang, a new member of the Heavenly Swords Group, becomes the witty and reliable little brother of the Magic Sword, and welcomes the world's first swordsman with the young swordsman. The new season will also start a new journey with the warm spring; The main storyline faces the double-sided Bai Yujing, the two themed scripts are waiting to be challenged, and the brand-new gang fights against the game with passion! With industry-leading art technology, it presents the magnificent national wind and flourishing age; dozens of NPCs that can be attacked, meet the destined person in a moment of red dust; lick the cat, cook, lead the horse, fish and hunt, and truly perceive the world of the world; both strategic and strike , The sound combat gameplay is waiting for the challenge; it is more reversible to change your fate, and experience the parallel universe at your fingertips! Every moment of your heart is the end of the world.

Tianya Mingyue Knife
Hossam Galal

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