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City of Rebellion

City of Rebellion

By: 逆都

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Game introduction:

"The City of Rebellion" is a roguelike game with horizontal action shooting. You need to explore in a different dungeon every time, discover a powerful combo composed of different props, and face the invincible modified creatures and bosses.

"City of Rebellion" focuses on the combination of props, the mechanism of each prop will be fed back to the protagonist's ability, and the addition of each prop will change your battle rhythm. The combination of props can be very powerful, [Qigong Wave] + [Diffusion] = full-screen attack, all [Modification Set] will make you have the ability of a ***boss, but [Boomerang] + [Bomb] will drop the bomb on yourself Become a suicide weapon in your body, this is the capital of rebellion. In the world of transforming people, you must make choices to be strong!


In 2103, the human body modification technology was invented. By implanting modified organs into their bodies, human beings gained strength and wisdom beyond physical limitations.

In 2127, the transformation technology was already very mature. Relying on the transformation technology, human technology, society, and art no longer have bottlenecks, and one after another ushered in explosive development.

The people involved in the transformation have reached 99% of human beings, and they call themselves "transformed people." They were immersed in the benefits brought to them by the transformation technology, but they did not expect that the crisis was imminent. The central control system of the human body transformation parts, the "Tian Brain", attacked all the thinking modules of the "transformation", thinking that they Under this attack, the transformed man with infinite power was instantly controlled by the celestial brain. Transformed people who have participated in the transformation become puppets of the celestial brain and carry out compulsory transformation of the human "primitives" who have not participated in the transformation.

The natives are in danger, and they have established an underground self-defense base-the capital of rebellion, hoping to protect themselves under the threat of the transformation of human beings controlled by the celestial brain.

You think you can live safely in the city of rebellious life, but you were injured in a battle and fell into a coma. After you woke up, you found that the city of rebellious life had completely changed...

The powerful transformed man became a puppet, but the weak primitive man took on the task of saving mankind. If you don’t accept transformation, you have no strength to fight, but you will slowly lose your humanity if you accept transformation. How do you choose...

Game features:

-There are so many props in roguelike, which one is entangled to give up?-I want them all! Massive props can be combined with each other, and the choice is no longer a trouble

-Shoot, jump, flash and move-pure platform jumping and shooting gameplay, let's fight together

-Flying, running, mechanical, biological-rich monsters and bosses are soft

-Random levels, hidden endings, mystery shop-each round can bring a new experience

-Pixel painting style, platform adventure-find our childhood

City of Rebellion
Hossam Galal

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