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Thunder Era

Thunder Era

By: 明日世界(上海)网络科技有限公司

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"Era of Thunder" is a real-time strategy mobile game with multiple historical civilizations as the background. In the game, players will play the role of lord, build their own territory in troubled times, strengthen themselves and dominate one side through various methods such as uniting allies, collecting resources, occupying fortresses, and defeating enemy forces. The game adopts a panoramic big map mode, all players' territories are built on a super large map, and strive to provide a deeper strategy, a more realistic game experience and a realistic game environment.

Game features:

[Create a civilization and build an empire from scratch]

The game has created a brand new multi-civilization world, each civilization has its own characteristics, you can choose the civilization you like to develop, create your own territory in the troubled times, and establish an immortal legend of the century.

[Realistic scene immersed in epic battlefield]

800*800 high-definition panoramic large map, one-click zooming of the army battlefield, all empire civilizations are built on a super large map, the division of forces is clearly visible, and the ever-changing exciting battlefield is truly restored.

[A famous general across time and space is at your disposal]

You can recruit hundreds of famous historical figures of different time and space and different civilizations, and cultivate their unique talents in various ways, or march in war, or manage internal affairs, so that you can feel a different kind of game experience.

[Multi-arms strategy determines victory]

The multi-dimensional arms restrain each other, deriving a rich variety of combat collocations, and the eclectic deployment of troops will greatly broaden the boundaries of strategy.

[Cross-server chaos, gather allies to control the enemy]

The game has a unique alliance system and an unlimited server battle mechanism. You can establish city-state alliances with other players to fight more powerful enemies.

Thunder Era
Hossam Galal

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