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The Story of the Four Elephants

The Story of the Four Elephants

By: 黑武士游戏

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At the beginning of the birth of the land of the four elephants, the head of the beast [qilin] led [the four elephants] to suppress the initial chaos

They turned into [Four Divine Weapons] to guard the mainland, and the combined [Four Elephant Seals] maintained peace for thousands of years.

Donggong Qinglong is transformed into [青龙玉] guarding the land of the East China Sea

The White Tiger of the West Palace turns into [Blood Amber] guarding the land of the Western Wei Dynasty

Nangong Suzaku transformed into [Phoenix Feather] guarding the land of Nanyue

Beigong Xuanwu turned into [玄武令] guarding the northern cold land

Then under the seal, chaotic undercurrents surged, and the power of the artifact gradually weakened after thousands of years of consumption.

Finally, one day fifty years ago, a crack appeared in the seal of the four elephants, and the artifact was missing.

The slow recovery of the four evil spirits brought a lot of wars and demons, and the land of the four elephants fell into unprecedented chaos.

At the same time, the stars in the sky move

[四象星能] warriors who have awakened [四象星能] appeared one after another throughout the world

They condensed together and became a spark against the darkness, and the heroes known as "star apprentices" by the world have boarded the stage of history...

Game features:

[Heroes are free, reject non-chiefs]

Heroes don’t need to draw cards, all characters get free

[Attribute superposition, bid farewell to entanglement]

Original hero attribute superposition system, free and refreshing development, any training can be transformed into the team’s immediate combat power

[Combined vertical and horizontal, all the people are soldiers]

The competitive mentality of all the people, the arena is no longer a one-man show for the local tyrants, and Xiaobai can also counterattack the battle.

[Walking in position, interrupting after cutting]

Simple operation and in-depth strategy combat mechanism to help you dash across combat forces

[Interesting adventure, interlocking]

Say goodbye to the linear push map, you can explore the big map, organs, events, bosses, and treasure chests.

[After sleeping, the gentry, relax and play]

Distribute the occupied land reasonably, produce offline output, and become rich and strong when you wake up.

[Friendship is supreme, there is love for interaction]

The higher the intimacy, the stronger each other, and friends are no longer temporary tools

[Random Treasure, Funny Event]

Treasure compass, every time you turn and encounter, cherish materials and interesting events, bid farewell to hard liver

[Interactive dispatch, plan and move later]

Interesting interactive dispatching gameplay, through careful consideration and reasonable distribution, you can earn a lot of money

The Story of the Four Elephants
Hossam Galal

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