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The Vigilant Villa

The Vigilant Villa

By: 知行合一工作室

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A heavy rain...10 people with different identities were forced to gather in a mountain villa.

The only bridge that could be connected to the outside world was "accidentally" cut off. The people who were forced to gather in the villa were waiting for the rescue in 7 days...

However, a conspiracy was brewing...A series of accidents caused everyone to panic, and the shadows loomed over everyone. The game has started...

There are no overlapping temporary residents, weird crime scenes, suspects hiding in the crowd, and the "11th person" dormant in the dark?

Quietly pressing conspiracy, icy malice, who can survive and wait for salvation on the 7th day?

10 people with ghosts, intricate relationships, patiently searching for the truth, haze, everything will be revealed soon...

Game overview

"Summer of the Mist" is a story-oriented text adventure game, the progress of the game is driven by your reasoning results and choices.

You will go deep into the memory of the survivors of the case and spend 7 thrilling days in the hilltop villa that has lost contact with the outside world.

You will also meet all kinds of people and see all kinds of sincere emotions surrounding the protagonist.

Game features

**AVG and text dialogue mode alternate, diversified game experience;

**Professional CV and exquisite vertical painting, enjoy an audio-visual feast;

**Exquisite character depiction, rich branch plot, everyone has their own secret;

**Clues and doubts are given to you. Whether you can discover the truth is up to you.

The Vigilant Villa
Hossam Galal

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