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The truth of life: the educational module of our university

The truth of life: the educational module of our university

By: 快活跳票工作室

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Preface: It takes a long time to learn to play, test and expand. The goal is to reach or exceed the efficiency of professional memory software through the game process. Those who are not interested in both learning and rougelike are directly in the upper right corner. It is not recommended to waste time with each other.

Friends who have ideas about game education welcome any form of communication at any scale. I accept any pertinent criticism and corrections, but I don’t talk about my prejudices, and the logic and word order are not clear. I hope that I am right. Don’t send it to your door to be boring. I don’t talk about martial ethics.

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A relatively independent educational module, an efficient shorthand mode tailored for all memory knowledge points (Chinese, English, and other liberal arts). Theoretically support the connection memory of most of the knowledge. The background of the game is to recapture the stolen memory in the brain factory An adventure with knowledge, applied the concept of the human body factory created by German artist Fritz Kaman during World War II as a concrete manifestation of connecting the knowledge world and the real world, and applied my first understanding of cognitive structure and education. Nest theory

This module may be tested independently, but there is no guarantee

Educational instructions:

1. Intelligent brushing follows the Ebbinghaus memory curve, focusing on review efficiency and review experience, which is different from software with the same function that is partially memorized and forgotten

2. Accurate to each knowledge point of the examination (use) process (the main process of the university will be added to the application link)

3. The effect of Chinese and English and similar liberal arts is better, and the science is slightly weaker. Later, the language and English will be specially optimized

4. In the main process of the game, this link can be connected by triggering rules, and the triggering time can still follow the Ebbinghaus memory curve (I think this is a perfect learning rhythm)

5. If it is officially launched, it may launch a gambling plan (according to my method, if there is something that cannot be memorized, I will post it)

game instructions:

1. Completely original rougelike "card-like" game with high repeatability

2. Linked with the main line of the university, all learning knowledge participates in the character's concept construction and personality development, and has an impact on the character's behavior

3. If you don’t want to learn at all, you don’t need to play this link (but you might as well try it), it doesn’t affect the main line of the game. If you want to learn, you can theoretically finish (remember) the entire book you need through playing.

In the end, if I fail to test the above, I will go back and rebuild until I do it.

The truth of life: the educational module of our university
Hossam Galal

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