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Brightness reappears

Brightness reappears

By: 威海迷城

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On the continent of Oslo, humans and creatures lead a peaceful and peaceful life, where peace has lasted for thousands of years.

People and creatures immersed in peace gradually forget the existence of darkness. And the darkness just diffused silently.

The Queen of Darkness, once defeated by humans, is now making a comeback, leading the dark army in the depths of hell to reappear to the world. The dark force is stronger than ever before. The army in the north of mankind has been defeated and the city defense has been lost. The dark army has moved south, about to occupy the entire continent of Oslo.

The humans and creatures who have come to know with hindsight fought back, but is there still a chance? Now that the continent of Oslow has been shrouded in darkness, will the light reappear?


This is a role-playing (RPG) game. As a player, you have to play a hero, fighting for the light of Oslo. Ok! This is the story of an old-fashioned hero saving the world. However, everyone has a dream of becoming a hero in their hearts, and I hope you can experience it here.

Game features:

*** On the basis of match three, the "action point mechanism" has been added. According to the number of action points, multiple icons can be selected and moved at the same time, which adds a little strategy.

*** Contains 6 hero characters, each hero character has its own talents and skills. (For the time being, only Panda Warrior is available in the beta version, and other heroes are under development)

*** 12 themed scenes of big levels, up to 50 different enemies and bosses. (The beta version temporarily opens the first four levels, 22 small levels)

We fight for the light together!

Player exchange group: 731048925

Brightness reappears
Hossam Galal

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