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Summer at Sunset (Beta)

Summer at Sunset (Beta)

By: 扑家工作室

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You are-a dog's kidney.

The dog’s life is running out because of kidney failure.

By compensating for kidney function, you can extend the dog’s life slightly and delay the day when the dog’s and grandpa’s life comes to an end.

<You as the kidney>

You recognize the blood as clumps of 4 colors.

Multiple clicks can destroy the agglomeration and produce the effects of "eliminating toxins" and "obtaining kidney experience points".

The agglomerates of the same color can be combined with each other, and the more agglomerates are combined, the higher the efficiency of destroying the agglomerates.

As the display time progresses, the "toxin amount" and "kidney experience value" contained in the agglomeration, as well as the difficulty of destroying the agglomeration, will increase.

<blood pressure>

Blood pressure is the force necessary to destroy lumps. The higher the blood pressure, the fewer clicks can be used to destroy the clumps.

Using the "kidney experience value" obtained by destroying agglomerates can increase blood pressure.

<Quick boost>

Destroying green agglomerates and watching ads can raise blood pressure.

During the boost period, sliding the screen can break the agglomeration.

<Doggo Times>

Sometimes you can read the newspaper clippings of the newspaper "Dog Times" subscribed to by the grandfather, instead of watching advertisements.

<The Life of Dogs and Grandpa>

Dogs and grandpas who wake up at 5 a.m. and go to bed at 10 p.m. live in the same time zone as your terminal device.

Please take care of their lives at your convenience.

Summer at Sunset (Beta)
Hossam Galal

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