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Karel Reincarnation

Karel Reincarnation

By: 晨踪工作室

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This is a Roguelike stand-alone game that combines RPG and card battles.


Roguelike dungeon adventure

Unique and strategic card battle mechanism

The free combination of equipment, cards and skills makes the battle infinite

【How to play】

Randomly generated dungeon

Random events and battles

More than a hundred kinds of equipment with different abilities

Rich card and skill system

Challenging enemies and boss battles


Crossing the long flow of time and space, the brave who was summoned from another world, embarked on a journey to fight the monsters in the dungeon in order to be able to return to their own world!

[Future update]

Brand new career

More cards, skills, equipment

Richer events

More challenging enemies and bosses

More detailed picture

Complete the story of Carrell’s reincarnation

【Follow us】

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Karel Reincarnation
Hossam Galal

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