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Stand on the tower

Stand on the tower

By: 易美工作室

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Standing on the Tower is a very interesting casual puzzle game. The protagonist is no longer the knight who rescued the princess, but the princess who took over the warhammer of the knight. Redeem yourself, defeat the monsters, climb to the tallest tower, and become the strongest! Come stand up in the tower and become the warrior who redeems yourself!

Have you ever thought of somewhere else to escape? Have you ever felt trapped in a tower? Have you ever imagined a brave knight to rescue you?

Don't wait any longer! Because he won't come, my dear. Really, he won't come. He was eaten by the guardian dragon.

But don’t worry, you have everything you need to complete your self-salvation. The brave knight left his warhammer. I'm sure you can take it and continue fighting, right?

You can defeat the enemy, you can get rid of the dragon. you can! Stand on the tower now and start your adventure.

Stand on the tower
Hossam Galal

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