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Slap your heartstrings

Slap your heartstrings

By: 比格熊动漫

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"Inspiring Heartstrings" is an ancient love AVG game where players start a romantic love adventure from a first-person perspective.

In the story, the character played by the player was originally a lady of Cheng Guogong's official residence. At the age of five, she was framed by her parents and was kicked out of the residence, and her family was destroyed. By coincidence, she was rescued by the big destiny gate of the rivers and lakes who had been favored by her father. She used secret techniques to keep a trace of her lifeline and became a lifeless and immortal "鬽." Ten years later, she practiced medicine hard and came back dormantly, just to investigate the cause of death of her parents and to avenge them!

But I don't know that from the moment she stepped into Cheng's Mansion, her fate was entangled with several men. Among them, there are the indifferent sons with indifferent facial paralysis, the gentle blue-faced confidants, the cunning and free-willed princes, and the enchanting and charming Jianghu Sovereign...As long as she can find the person who makes her heart, she will have a chance to die. Resurrection.

Of course, the threats around him are not only the calculation of the organs in the house, but also the secretaries about immortality hidden in the body of "鬽", which has attracted the coveting of people from all walks of life, and even the high officials of the imperial court yearn for it. If you are not cautious on this road of revenge, you will expose your plan at a slight level, and you will fall short; at worst, you will lose your life and implicate others.

Featured gameplay:

1. According to the needs of the plot, three small games, [Running Wheel], [Acupuncture and Moxibustion Pointing] and [Poetry Recognition] will appear randomly during the reading process

2. In the process of interactive reading, you need to be vigilant to deal with the possible "death" branch at any time. Of course, we have made a lot of cute pictures, you can also choose the "death" branch ending to personally experience the fun of [collection].

Slap your heartstrings
Hossam Galal

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