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Peekaboo (beta)

Peekaboo (beta)

By: Cat-Fun

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[Game Introduction]

"Peekaboo" is a non-classical hide-and-seek game that supports up to 40 players online. The most joyful thing in this game is the anti-grab after mutation. There are a lot of skills and props, and there are many interactions, which is very joyful. There are several gameplay points in this version: tease you, pit teammates, mutation, clone, puppet, clone, etc. There are three roles in the game: pretender, arrester, and mutant. When the pretenders around you are captured, they will become mutants. You need to clone them into other items as soon as possible. You can use puppets or clones to confuse the capture in order to achieve stealth success. You only need to hold for 200 seconds to win !


1. 5 super large maps: dungeon, library, shopping mall, shelter, universe research institute. Among them, the dungeon is the largest and can support 40-player games.

2. Seven kinds of supply items: stun bullets, gold coins, grenades, guns, blood packs, question marks, and pointing. When the pretender is hit by the stun shell, he will be stunned for 5 seconds and unable to move. Any faction can pick up gold coin props and get rich rewards.

3. Five types of confrontation skills (clone, puppet, clone, golden body, hint): the pretender can clone and puppet items in the scene to achieve the purpose of concealment and misleading, or use the clone in the corner to confuse the capture. The camouflage library can increase the types of items. The catcher can use the golden body to obtain short-term invincibility and crazy catching intensive areas. When the catch is clueless, you can use the hint skill to know what the pretender is. For example, the hint of carrot is "food", the hint of single bed It is "furniture".

4. Spray paint: pretenders, catchers, and mutants can send out spray paint to mark the target point. There are 17 colors in total.

5. Whistle: A total of 11 types, including farting, barking cats and dogs, screaming ducks, and a little bit of sound effects, which are used to taunt and catch.

6. Pippi: A total of 11 species, including screaming chickens, bombs, roses, tortoises, etc., used for taunting and catching.

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Peekaboo (beta)
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