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Encounter in the Dungeon: Memory Longing

Encounter in the Dungeon: Memory Longing

By: 盛趣游戏

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"Dungeon Encounter: Memory Longing" is a Japanese series adapted from the light novel "Is it Wrong to Expect Encounters in the Dungeon" and the animation "Is it Wrong to Seek Encounters in the Dungeon", and the external transmission painting "Sacred Story of Sword Princess" Adventure RPG fan drama mobile game.

◆ This is a history of the growth of a teenager, a record book of the goddess

The story takes place in the huge city Eulerie with an underground labyrinth. In this city full of dreams and desires, the rookie adventurer Bell Cronney, who is eager to "encounter the charming heroine in the underground city", is eating all the "families". After closing the door, I met a little "Master of the God". Since then, the teenager who dreams of becoming a hero has joined the family of the God God Hestia, and a myth of the family has been opened since then.

◆ Omori Fujino, the author of light novels, personally supervised and loyal to the original content

The author, Omori Fujino, personally supervised and produced over 5000 pages of original novel plots, fully presenting the fantasy adventure story of the dungeon. In addition to the plot of the main drama, there are also character stories unique to the characters, and special festival-limited special episodes, all of which are supervised by the original author! Orthodox rumor, only wrong on the ground!

◆ The voice actors of the original animation class are assembled again, and the luxurious full-voice three-dimensional presentation

The game gathers all the original voice actors of the animation of the same name, including 63 popular voice actors such as Matsuoka Tejo, Mizusase, Onishi Saori, Tomatsu Haruka, Uchida Maari, Hosaya Yoshimasa, Ishigami Shizuka, Hayami Saori, etc. ! The game has built-in over 70,000 words of voice, presenting a luxurious audio-visual feast for players!

◆ Pure Japanese RPG turn-based gameplay, with hundreds of exquisite character paintings

The game itself inherits the turn-based gameplay of the Japanese classic RPG, including maze exploration, plot missions, card collection and character development. Over a hundred exquisite character paintings and ceremonial costumes, freely assemble and match as you wish, and form your own "family family" team!

◆ Mythological relics are on the scene, creating a fantasy world of swords and magic

The game also highly restores the characteristic scenes in the animation settings from the screen: the ancient sacred tower of Babel, the majestic monster arena, the adventurer's tavern with strong magical colors, and the dilapidated chapel where the protagonist Bell lives, etc. , The atmosphere formed by the details of the streets and alleys, all show the fantasy world of sword and magic described in the original work.

Encounter in the Dungeon: Memory Longing
Hossam Galal

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