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Ozzie legend

Ozzie legend

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The mobile game "Legend of Aoqi" carefully crafted by the original team invites you to start the adventure of saving the world again. Over the past eight years, the Five Kings CP who has accompanied everyone's growth has been fully upgraded, summoning everyone to return to Aoqi Continent, forming your favorite elves team, and continuing to compete with the partners of the year. This time, there are continuations of the classic plot, fully upgraded visual performance, more interesting challenges of breaking the formation, and countless new elves waiting for you to conquer. A brand new Aoqi continent, waiting for you to find the original intention of happy games together!

The peaceful life of the Elven Continent for hundreds of years was suddenly broken by natural disasters and faced a crisis of destruction.

The five kings fought hard to turn the tide and delay the process of the world's collapse, but the world is still falling.

In order to save the beloved homeland and partner, "The King of Time•Noah" burned his own life and traced time back to the eve of the natural disaster.

The shaking of butterfly wings can also cause a tsunami. What's more, he who holds the belief in saving the world?

Fate has changed since then.

At the end of time, Noah, who had lost his memory, met Aoqi carrying the "Australia nuclear".

This time, where will they lead this elven continent?

【Nine Palaces and Eight Arrays System, Multiple Combat Strategies】

The original nine palaces and eight formations battle system, formation of troops, brain-burning game. There are five major departments, ten major occupations, and hundreds of elves skills to create unlimited battle possibilities;

[Gorgeous skill animation, blood ignites the battlefield]

Each sprite draws a frame-by-frame super-kill animation separately to create a gorgeous visual experience that ignites the audience;

[Luxury voice actors, immersive adventure experience]

Full elves voice installation, Ajie, Bianjiang and other top CV voices, thousands of pets, a strong sense of immersion;

[Elf challenged, non-chiefs can play unimpeded]

Five kings and other top legendary elves can be obtained for free by challenging and passing levels. There are legends for the whole people, and non-chiefs can also play;

[How to play on-hook for nourishing liver, develop reset 0 consumption]

The daily gameplay cleverly integrates the classic gameplay modes such as Roguelike adventure treasure hunting and match-3; it also reduces the burden of development, one-click reset of resources, and no pressure on wizard iteration.

Ozzie legend
Hossam Galal

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