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Onmyoji: Monster House

Onmyoji: Monster House

By: 网易游戏

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"Onmyoji: Monster House" is a brand new casual mobile game based on the IP world view of Onmyoji. In the wonderful world of paper-cutting, mountain rabbits, wine tun, Ibaraki, firefly...the familiar shikigami have become incarnations. For cute little monsters with different personalities, spend a relaxed and happy daily life in the courtyard.

Here, there are all kinds of lively scenes. The little monsters may be shopping and eating a big meal in the bustling commercial street, or they may work hard in the woods to log and fish. As night falls, maybe a group of little monsters are rushing to the bonfire party to share food and gossip.

As the owner of the courtyard, you will take care of the life of the little monsters, build and decorate your own courtyard, understand the joys and sorrows of different little monsters, manage the big and small affairs in the courtyard, and discover all kinds of garden eggs...

Cut a little monster

Scissors click, click, and the unique Japanese paper-cut art style portrays every scene in the courtyard three-dimensionally and delicately. The cute and cute images of the little monsters are also on the paper, presenting you in the most unique way that you have never experienced before. The world of Japanese paper cut.

Have a bowl of hot tonkotsu ramen

Make delicious Japanese dishes for the little monsters, come with a bowl of hot tonkotsu ramen, and come with a sweet and soft jade sushi. As a qualified owner of the house, of course, you must understand all kinds of food!

Give the little monster a fragrant bath

In the monster house, you can also put all kinds of toys in the courtyard, give the little monster a fragrant bath, and have fun interactive games with the love cubs to create unique and loving memories. Watch the little monsters play in the courtyard, or interact with them intimately, and spend every special morning, afternoon and night~

Different tempers, the same cuteness

Every little monster in the courtyard has a distinct personality and uniqueness. Some little monsters like to show off their strength, and they will "pull monsters" at every turn. Some little monsters love to fish and always sleep in the courtyard, and they can't wake up no matter what they call. Little monsters with different personalities will always make you dumbfounded, but every day you live with them is very colorful.

Transformed into a round billowing flying unhappy

If you encounter bad monsters on the adventure road, the little monsters will be transformed into billiard marbles, attack and protect the courtyard, and easily repel the enemy in laughter and laughter. The automatic battle and offline revenue system are also ready, so you can rest assured to hand it over to the little monsters when you are busy, helping you to easily pass the level and gain full!

Onmyoji: Monster House
Hossam Galal

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